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Sorry if you get this through your newsfeed, but I have to test out whether I have successfully reconnected ye old blog to ye old Facebook.

So feel free to ignore!


But for your trouble, I offer you:

An enormous dog in high grass

A small cat in a tiff

Or a peaceful retreat from us all

Be well.

Last Monday / First Monday

Happy Monday!!!

I hope everyone is well.

TODAY is the LAST DAY of my writing contract!!

I will be getting a few last minute revisions from my team (I HOPE, at least, that it’s only a few!), running through a final edit, and sending my last material off into the world.

Exciting, intimidating, satisfying, horrifying.

And with my LAST Monday of this contract comes yet another FIRST Monday of the rest of my life.

What is next for me?

I don’t know.

What a bizarre thought!

So, I’ll be taking a lovely week off to spend time with family and enjoy COMPLETE freedom, then I’ll begin on The Great Search for the Next Chapter.

SO FAR (… at the moment… as best I can… in my best moments… pretty well today, thank God… ) I am trusting that there IS something next, and that it is GOOD.


One day at a time. 😀




Be well. 




Work, work, work. Crash…

Good day all!

I hope everyone is well.

Short, short, post this week, because it’s a LOOOONG, busy week. I will definitely not be gone fishin’ THIS WEEK, though, alas, neither will I be responsibly posting!

By the time you are reading this I shall be finishing my writing contract!!

However, as I write this I am definitely still far from my end point. Yikes.

Just yesterday I got six chapters of exciting new revisions  – to chapters I had already completely formatted and into which I had set dozens of links which will change with the revisions! Sigh.

Ah well, the editor’s life can’t be ALL cappuccino and dark chocolate.

And I must say, on this job long hours aren’t as difficult as they can be in other work.

It’s been really good.



After this mad rush to get the final work done I will be:  


Mmmhmm, I am taking a  glorious couple weeks off!!!!!!

I MAY get some posts up in the midst, but I may not, I can’t tell yet.

(Depends largely on how many brain cells I have after this edit. And whether or not my eyes still focus by the end of it.)

I AM going to take a proper little holiday though, spend some time with family, and also work on getting through some projects that have been back-burnered while I’ve been writing The Manual.

Oh, and probably spend a little time lying on the floor staring at the ceiling, after this whirl-wind three months! 


I fear I may not be willing to go near the computer for a while! 🙂

So, I wish everyone a lovely weekend, and a splendid week or so, if I don’t happen to speak with you.



Be well. 




Monday Delight: Well Watered


Your lives will begin to glow in the darkness, your shadowed lives will be bathed in sunlight. I will always show you where to go. I’ll give you a full life in the emptiest of places… You’ll be like a well watered garden, a gurgling spring that never runs dry. You’ll use the old rubble of past lives to build anew…


Doesn’t that sound NICE?

I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty much everything I desire in a nutshell.

That’s Isaiah 58, most of verses 10, 11, and 12, from The Message.

The really cool thing is, most of the rest of the chapter explains how to get that!  It isn’t even really hard stuff!

I’m thinkin’  it’s worth looking into.


Be well. 

Prayers for my new President.

I want to be like Daniel.

One of my favourite scenes in the entire Bible is when Daniel is called in to interpret Nebuchadnezzar’s dream:

Now, good ol’ Nebbie is the king of  Babylon, who has completely crushed Daniel’s country, sacking their towns, carting their ‘best of the best’ off into captivity, dissing their temple, and God with it, and  generally wreaking havoc.

Undoubtedly friends and family were injured or killed in this conquest, and Daniel, with the other best and brightest of Israel, has been dragged off from his homeland to serve in the King’s court.

So, Daniel might have some pretty legitimate grievances.

But in this story we see Nebbie having this really disturbing dream, and calling in our hero Daniel to provide an interpretation.

And Daniel is so horrified by what the dream predicts is going to happen to Nebbie, that we end up with the Nebbie comforting Daniel, saying (slight paraphrase) “Listen dude, don’t freak out. It’ll be okay. However awful this thing is, just tell me, and we’ll get through it.”


I love that.

I love the heart of Daniel. I love this relationship of trust and concern.

Let me be clear, in case you don’t happen to know my man Daniel: he was by no means a brown-noser! He risked his life on more than one occasion when the demands of his conquering employer went against his obligations to God.

But, except for the few occasions when true essentials were at stake, Daniel did his very best for Nebuchadnezzar.

But I’m not like Daniel.

Maybe someday. It’s a goal. But I definitely tend more toward opposition than diligent objective assessment. It’s ALL personal to me! And VITAL! EVERYTHING!


 So it’s handy that praying for my leaders is not optional.

God has been very clear about my responsibilities toward my leaders; good, bad, or anywhere in between. And the outcome promised certainly fits into my ‘essentials’.


So, on this inauguration day, one I hoped never to see, I will certainly pray for, and FIGHT for, those most at risk, and for the things I value that this administration endangers. But I will also pray for President Trump, Vice President Pence, and the cabinet they will assemble to help guide them.

I’ll ask God to bless and guide our new President and Vice President. Giving them wisdom to lead, and bringing them wise advisors, as well as the humility to listen to the advice.

I am frightened of the harm that this administration can do to my country and this planet, but I’ll ask God to shape even this period for good instead of evil. And to use the trials that this administration will undoubtedly spark to awaken and energise the American people.

I’ll ask him to multiply and reward the good work that they will also do during their term(s) in office. Even if that takes more faith than I have right now. God has enough faith for both of us.

And, judging President Trump as I do, and having little knowledge of Vice President Pence, I’ll ask him to bring them to know and serve him if they do not, and conform their hearts and minds to his will.

And to conform my heart too, because I do not want to pray for, or support this administration in any way, and in some areas I should support them, even as I diligently oppose them on the essentials.

And I’ll keep praying. For as long as it needs to be prayed. And expecting it to build my faith and change my heart.

And remembering who is the ultimate source of power, I will trust.

Thy will be done.

Be well. 

Hope, civility, knowledge: Love STILL Wins.


I found this article remarkably hopeful.

There IS much we can do!

Post-Fascist Europe Tells Us Exactly How to Defend Our Democracy

Have your passports ready, watch your language, and other advice from a Yale history professor.


If you are nervous, unsure, or even appalled in considering the next four years, give some time to this sensible, encouraging, information. The reference to the Holocaust Museum alone is worth the price of admission. 😀

While the comparisons to early Nazi Germany in this election year had not escaped me, I’m ashamed to say the GOOD NEWS in that had!

We have been here before! Yeah, it’s scary to think we didn’t learn ALL our lessons then, but we do still have those lessons to learn from.

And that can make all the difference, if we only use the lessons and learn.


Be well. 

Monday Sentiments


Ah, Monday. And this particular Monday.

Having no words with which to greet the impending United States Presidential Inauguration, I must again fall back on music:


Yep, that about covers it. 

Be well. 


2017. New Life Resolutions


One of my very favourite days of the year (yet another day that should be a national holiday) and this year we are blessed with TWO!


Well, this year is starting rather chaotically, which has definitely helped shape my New Year’s resolutions.

With quite a few changes and much chaos behind me, and several big-deal life changes ahead of me, the New Year calls for some serious commitment to building abundance!

Into each life a certain amount of unhappy and unsettled is bound to fall, but I am not willing for that to be my whole life, you know?

Regroup? CHECK.

Recover? CHECK(ish).

It’s time to move forward again.

So, I’m thinking this year’s focus looks a bit like this:

1. Focus FIRST on getting more of the kind of work that I really want to keep doing.

It’s a tough world, and I know this one may not work out. That’s okay – I’m perfectly capable of doing whatever work I have to to pay the bills. But unless I prioritise FIRST seeking work that I find truly positive and life-giving, and give that the best of my energy, I’ll never know what blessings I might have found.

2. Expect hope instead of horror with this next move.

Moving: not my favourite thing. At all.

But I’ve had nearly an extra year of preparation for this, I’m healthier than when I last faced it, and I’ve learned A LOT about moving (involuntarily, true, but knowledge nonetheless).

Granted, having to find work AND move ups the concern a bit, but I’m going to actively trust that just as there was a viable solution for me here, there is a positive and even healthier solution at the next step.

3. GAIN health in the coming transitions.

Okay, that’s a tough one. Transitions are not me at my best. But I’ve worked hard to get healthier and I’m not giving it up without a fight!

So, with chaos coming in the next few months, the things that keep me healthy have to be a higher priority than the Evil Urgencies I know will appear to claim my time and energy. That means planning a life in which healthy activities get slots before the rest of life even sees the schedule. And it means banking all the health I can right now.

4. Shape my life so that one year from today my own life is more abundant and I’m more of a catalyst for others’ abundance too.

This must be the end goal of any choices sparked by the above. I want to live a good, whole, useful life, and I want to encourage all the like-minded community I can.  If these really are my values, then that’s where my energy’s got to be going!


It’s doable. Intimidating, yes, but the next 6 months can’t much help being intimidating, so I might as well be facing into some BIG SCARY HOPE rather than just lots of ongoing BIG AND SCARY.


Be well. 



Monday Encouragement: What’s required?

I want to wish everyone a good Monday, and share my favourite pondering of this weekend: Micah 6:8

He has shown you, O man, what is good;
And what does the Lord require of you
But to do justly,
To love mercy,
And to walk humbly with your God?

That’s not that hard, is it?

I love that while we’re supposed to behave  justly, it is MERCY that we are supposed to love.

And walking humbly with my God sounds pretty appealing to me.


Be well. 

Gone Fishin’

Howdy y’all! I hope everyone is well, and that your 2017 is starting off well.

I’m running to catch a deadline, so will have to bow out for this week, and I’ll get a post up next Friday (God willing).

In the mean time, I’d love to hear what everyone is up to!

Be well!