Memorial Day


For all of us, I pray for a safe and blessed Memorial Day.


I know that Memorial Day is much easier for me than it is for others.

While I will be appreciating, and lamenting, the sacrifice of unknown warriors today, many will be reliving the painful loss of deeply loved family and friends.

If that is you today, I am sorry for your loss. I pray for peace and comfort for you in this time.

Be well. 

Advance confidently

Happy Monday!!

I hope you are well! I am tired, but peaceful, and that’s progress..


I’ve been pondering this quote for a few weeks now:

I learned this, at least in my experiment; that if ones advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.
                                                                             Henry David Thoreau


There is evidence for it beyond Mr. Thoreau’s experiment, and there’s even some evidence it’s one of God’s intentions.

And I admit I often think

Does millimetre by millimetre really count as an advance?


Okay, yeah, you’re advancing, but you SURE ain’t confident, baby! 

But you know what? I’m as confident as I can be in this moment, and I AM ADVANCING!

THAT is confidence enough.

So I’m going to relax a little, and trust.

Advance confidently in the direction of your dreams, and cut yourself lots of slack when the confidence is tough, and the advancement slow.


Abundance of less reality check


Photo of a large tree on the bank of a still lake or pond

I have moved!!!

So far, however, this is NOT true of most of my possessions. Sigh.

The latest estimate is that they will begin travel today.

This is very similar to the estimate yesterday. And the day before. And … you get the picture.

This has entailed a handful of difficulties, not the least being that my diet revolves around items largely boxed away somewhere in California, and I am currently sleeping on a twin sized (ish) inflatable mattress.

BUT it has also given me the opportunity to appreciate the situation I am in!

Because, mild inconveniences aside,

  • I do have everything I need to do my work.
  • I have a working fridge and oven!
  • I have quality indoor plumbing, so can have my nightly bath before hitting the hay… er… balloon bed.
  • And hey, I HAVE the balloon bed, so I’m not in a sleeping bag on the linoleum!
  • I even a decent smattering of furniture that my Landlords have not yet moved, so at least what possessions II brought with me are semi-organised.

Therefore, as I began to stress about yet another delay of THE STUFF, I decided to PAUSE.

Take a step back.

Reevaluate ye old perspective.

And you know what? I found some real blessings!

The joy of enforced unbusyness.

I have been sick since a few days before I got here, which has just CRUSHED my energy. (Finally getting functional these last 2 days.)

Had my things been delivered on time, I would have felt enormous urgency about getting them unloaded and unpacked.

But they weren’t here. Not a dang thing I could do about that.

So you know what I did instead? I got to REST. Which is probably why I’m getting better already.

I’ve also taken some pauses to just appreciate being here. I know I would have done that some – appreciating unloading in 60 degree, rather than 100 degree weather, at least! – but I would not have paused and savoured this first period the same way if another huge project had arrived a day or two after I did.

Light at the end of the tunnel preview.

Getting this first small wave of stuff I brought with me completely organised before the tsunami hits, was an unexpected blessing

If you’ve ever spent weeks wading through the never-ending deluge of BOXES YET TO GET TO you’ll understand how nice it is just to be DONE for a brief while!

Much LIGHTER plan changes!

I have changed some of my plans for how to use this space as I’ve spent time in it. Making those changes before said space is loaded up with heavy boxes or tables that need to be moved is a big benefit!

Perspective in practice.

Moving ALWAYS makes me more passionate about simplifying and downsizing, and this has provided an opportunity to see what I really miss!

Putting some walk into that talk, baby.

Of course the biggest blessing is probably the simple fact that instead of getting more and more stressed out each day, I am (most days) able to calmly go on with the life I have in this moment. 

After three years of trying to be more mindful, live more intentionally, it’s encouraging to see I’ve learned SOMETHING!


And I THANK GOD I didn’t cave into space-crunch-panic and put any of the plants into the moving boxes!

The temptation was there! I have small car and entirely too many plants. But thankfully all are here with me, a bit rumpled and indignant, but not gasping out their last breaths in a 96 degree warehouse somewhere in CA!

Be well. 

Monday pause

Happy Monday!

May it be blessed with peace, and beauty. 



Be well. 

Hotel California

Image: Bridge crossing into woodland

‘Relax’ said the night man,
‘We are programmed to receive.
You can check out any time you like,
But you can never leave.’

That lyric has long haunted me.

It was NEVER my intention to live in California.

I’m just not the beachy type. I don’t love the sand, the sun, or the excitement of All the Beautiful People. I SURE don’t love the traffic.

California is not a place where I can live in simple abundance.

But it IS pretty tough to escape!

It took 12 years, but I’ve finally broken out.

I’m so happy to be in the cooler, more peaceful Pacific Northwest.

It’s scary too: will I succeed or fail?

After several nights of 3-5 hours of sleep, and a full day of driving – all on top of several weeks of moving stress, it’s easy to feel more scared than excited.

But I know that I’ll regain the energy. And so far this new place is so PEACEFUL, so QUIET, that even in today’s chaos, with EVERYTHING in disarray and most of my stuff not even here, it’s been healing to be here.

So I’ll cling to that hope, to the little bit of trust I have gained, and expect amazing things of this next chapter.


Be well. 


Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to you!!

And let me be clear that that wish is not dependent on the formal dictionary definition – mothers, in my world, come in many forms.

If you contribute, or have contributed, meaningfully to the development and wellbeing of another person, especially while they were young, you qualify!

(Even if you’re NOT a mother, in any way, shape, or form, you should still have a happy day!)


And to those for whom Mother’s Day is overshadowed by some form of pain, peace be with you. I am sorry for what you missed or are grieving. May this day be one step toward healing and freedom from the pain.


Be well. 

Gone Fishin’ … via chaos!

Cartoon image of a striped fish.

Howdy all! I hope everyone is well.

I’m still frantically getting the last things packed before the moving truck hauls away my worldly goods, so I hope to talk with you next week!!

Have a splendid weekend!!!!

Be well. 

Monday Moving Music


Happy Monday!!!

How is everyone?!?

I’m fine, if a wee bit overwhelmed. Too old for this long-haul move stuff!

So, in celebration of both a little moving-inspired madness, and a lot of need for motion, may I present my very favourite ‘home’ song:


If that doesn’t start your Monday off on a positive note, I don’t know what will!

(But try a mocha cappuccino as a second string option; it can’t hurt.)


Be well. 

Gone Fishin’

Cartoon image of a striped fish.

Happy Friday!!! 

I hope everyone is well!


Me, I’m buried under an avalanche of boxes, hoping to meet all my moving deadlines.

Okay, SOME of my moving deadlines.

At least the most important ones!

I have a strong suspicion this will still be the case next Friday, but we’ll see what I can manage.

Have splendidly marvellous, gloriously delightful weekends!!

(And relax some for me, won’t you?!?)


Be well. 

Monday Rest


Happy Monday!!!

I hope you are well!


I’m job searching, moving, and generally swimming in chaos, and it’s Monday!

So you know what that requires:




Be well.