A Retrenchment Resumed: Week One

Perspective isn’t everything, but it is a great deal.


Here I am AGAIN:

– Completed last day of my job.

– Took a much needed little holiday.

– Where do I go from here???


Curious as the deja vu is, I have a very different perspective than at the end of September. And having a different perspective, I am a somewhat different me.

Having the space to process losing my job, and figure out where I want and need to go from here, while NOT living in daily horror of the worst case scenario, made a huge difference.


In September, my few weeks of severance pay looked like The Last Dollars Forever. And the thought of not having a job before they ran out was terrifying.

So of course getting a job in those few weeks was the Only Possible Option (aside from ultimately living under a bridge, eating scraps). Not the most peaceful, healthy frame of mind with which to nurture strategic, critical thinking. 🙂


Today, though I am certain I’ll face many other moments of panic, I have a stronger, calmer perspective.

Colleagues’ stories of spending 12 …  18…  months out of work still  knot my stomach, make no mistake.

But then OPTIONS rise up to return my perspective!

Sure, having time to think, and to prioritise, while still making a living rather than depleting my savings, was extraordinarily helpful.


But the perspective that opportunity built is what most strengthens my faith.

September’s “What if I NEVER find another decent job?!?!”

Is altered by the realisations that:

Well, NEVER finding another decent job is actually less likely than eventually finding one.

And I can work other contract jobs to at least pull in SOME income.

And downsize my expenses; which I’ve already been working toward.

There is, actually, unemployment insurance associated with my former job. So even after the severance, it could be MONTHS before I have to start fighting pigeons and rats for discarded crusts.

Much can happen in those months. And not all of it bad!

And “What about living under that bridge?? It’s winter! I’m a light sleeper!”

Gives way to:

I do have two dear friends who have already offered me sanctuary.

And again with the unemployment insurance: odds are I can at least afford a nice heavy cardboard box for under the bridge.

I’m also pretty certain my family would be inclined to offer a room before I come to the extremity of bridges and scraps.


It  makes the impacts of this situation seem less dire.

And the ‘opportunity’ part of this situation seem more realistic.

It certainly makes me more calm.

It’s a decent place to start.



Be well. 

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