Adventures RESUMED.

Image: cobblestone path

They’re back!

Remember the Adventures in Optimism?

It was just shy of a year ago that I first heard the words ‘We are going to sell the house.’ in reference to the house I’m living in, and the Adventures began.

Fairly successful considering the conditions, but by no means an unqualified success.

And yet, here I am again, adventuring to the most optimistic of my ability! Not quite so northerly this time.

I find myself in the lovely Pacific North West state of Oregon. Once again staying in a house that is not my own, once again assessing the fiscal, cultural, and psychological possibility of living in this land more permanently.

There are distinct differences this time:

  • I am not in a hotel, and rather than being noisy, my temporary abode is deliciously quiet.
  • I don’t have a nice, secure, long-term job to light the eyes and tempt the hearts of potential landlords and mortgage officers.
  • I do have a good possibility of renting this particular quiet abode, however!
  • And I’ve had a year more of learning to trust, of preparation, of experience.

And of course there are some similarities too – grey skies, rain, gorgeous surroundings, and so far, pleasant, courteous people! 😀

So, what will it be?  Trust or fear? Life abundantly or LifeWreck 2?

I’m certain it will be trust AND fear, but I’m praying, and striving, to have the TRUST win out by a large margin.

And I’m TRUSTING that it will be life ABUNDANTLY, not another LifeWreck. That’s difficult, and of course it’s where most of the fear comes from, but it’s something I can do.

I’ve learned, and I’ve gotten more healthy, and I’m in a different place than I was at that last, ill-fated, move.


We shall see. Let the Adventures … resume!



Be well. 

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