Blessings in the Storm: Community



Okay, so I don’t think anyone is left in the United States who hasn’t thought, sometime in the last year or two, “What has become of us?”

Its been a tough time.

But then you get little glimmers of ‘us at our best’, especially when things are at their worst. And you think “Yeah, we’ve got this!”

In a week filled with so much hardship, danger, and heartache in Texas and around the country, in a season filled with LOTS of the worst-we-can-be, my heart was lightened this week by all the GOOD out there.

And there’s so much of it!

Did you hear  about the four bakers  who found themselves stranded at work, because of flood water?

They decided “Hey, if we’re gonna be trapped in a bakery, we might as well get baking – other storm victims are going to need something to eat when we all get out.” So, they baked some 4000+ pounds of bread which their bakery then donated and passed out to those in need.

Or  the furniture store owner who converted his store into a pop-up shelter so people could get out of the storm and rest?

Or the many local Houston residents banding together to offer practical help to those still in need of help locating loved ones or getting to shelter?

And by practical help, I mean taking their trucks and boats out to rescue trapped citizens. This is some serious banding together going on!

I have loved seeing the very best of community come alive in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and his destructive impacts.

No, it shouldn’t be only in times of tragedy that we remember we’re all in this together, but at least we ARE remembering it now. That’s a start!

I thought this haunting video did a great job of showing who we are our best:

(You can get the full, really splendid, story behind the video here.)

As beautiful as the pulling together in Houston has been, it’s not just immediate neighbours who are out there BEING COMMUNITY.

One of the members of a Facebook professional group I’m in posted a note  offering two rooms in her home if anyone in the group – and their pets – needed it.

Several other members chimed in that they had space too.

When I opened my online bank site this week, the top of the homepage bore this message:

We hope you and your family are safe and we’re committed to doing what we can for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. If you need help, please give us a call at 1-877-247-2559. We’re here 24/7.

As so often happens in crises, I was humbled to see nations poorer than my own (and in this current climate, nations with every good reason to ignore us or even wish us ill) step up with offers of assistance.

To my indescribable shock even government beauracracy eased up a bit to make it easier for people find out if their loved ones were hurt or in need!

We make a pretty good team!   🙂


Be well. 


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