Chick Flick Monday



I hope everyone is well today!

I try to keep this blog as unisex as possible. I want anyone who happens by to feel welcome here. But this week I ran into a Halestorm song that I had never heard, and thought,

I KNOW some ladies out there need to hear this!¹ 


I was blessed to have this message be part of my early life, but I know that not everyone was; and I know that even I can forget.

So, welcome to our first ever Chick Flick Monday.


These are words
That every girl should have a chance to hear
There will be love
There will be pain
There will be hope
There will be fear
And through it all year after year
Stand or fall I will be right here
For you

Dear daughter
I was just like you
And just like me
You’re gonna make it through



Be well. 


And if you are a guy, just feel perfectly free to adapt that message to your gender! If I find a dude version of this sentiment I’ll definitely post that too.

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