Commenting: Rules of engagement


Since I talk about topics that can be controversial, I expect some disagreement, and I can even imagine the occasional conversation getting a bit heated.

But, since the whole point of this blog is to think through how to live a life of truth and grace, I’d like to keep the discussions from being out and out brawls.

In particular:

Please be kind in responses to other commenters. While I’m not overly thrilled with the idea of people being mean to me, it’s my blog so I can delete really vicious stuff, and I started this conversation in the first place so I ought to be able to take a little more heat. Other people commenting on here deserve a modicum of assurance that this is a safe place to be real.

It really is true that none of us know what other people are going through, and while this blog may be an occasional source of irritation of frustration, it should not be a source of soul crushing.

We don’t have to agree on anything to kind to one another [note]a quote posted on Facebook by Toby Mac, for which I am very grateful [/note].

SO, harmful comments, or those not related to the topic will be deleted.