Work, work, work. Crash…

Good day all!

I hope everyone is well.

Short, short, post this week, because it’s a LOOOONG, busy week. I will definitely not be gone fishin’ THIS WEEK, though, alas, neither will I be responsibly posting!

By the time you are reading this I shall be finishing my writing contract!!

However, as I write this I am definitely still far from my end point. Yikes.

Just yesterday I got six chapters of exciting new revisions  – to chapters I had already completely formatted and into which I had set dozens of links which will change with the revisions! Sigh.

Ah well, the editor’s life can’t be ALL cappuccino and dark chocolate.

And I must say, on this job long hours aren’t as difficult as they can be in other work.

It’s been really good.



After this mad rush to get the final work done I will be:  


Mmmhmm, I am taking a  glorious couple weeks off!!!!!!

I MAY get some posts up in the midst, but I may not, I can’t tell yet.

(Depends largely on how many brain cells I have after this edit. And whether or not my eyes still focus by the end of it.)

I AM going to take a proper little holiday though, spend some time with family, and also work on getting through some projects that have been back-burnered while I’ve been writing The Manual.

Oh, and probably spend a little time lying on the floor staring at the ceiling, after this whirl-wind three months! 


I fear I may not be willing to go near the computer for a while! 🙂

So, I wish everyone a lovely weekend, and a splendid week or so, if I don’t happen to speak with you.



Be well. 




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