Donald Trump, James Dobson, and … me?


I’m seeing this ongoing debate in social media: Did Donald Trump really accept Christ, or not? First James Dobson apparently said that Mr. Trump had become a Christian!! Then James Dobson apparently began to backpedal!!!

Which brings up the question why are we asking James Dobson? Wouldn’t Donald Trump be the logical source for this information, if it’s any of our business at all?

I think I know the answer: we don’t trust Donald Trump to tell the truth about it, and/or we don’t think he understands what it means to be a Christian.

Which, assuming that isn’t answer enough on its own, prompts the question what difference could it possibly make, then, whether James Dobson thinks that Donald Trump is a Christian ?

Unfortunately, I think I know the answer to that one too.

I think that answer is that whether or not Donald Trump is “really” a Christian determines whether or not we should vote for him for president of United States. So if we can get somebody that we trust and respect to certify that Donald Trump is a Christian, then it’s okay to vote for him as the only Christian presidential option, regardless of his behaviour or his ability to lead the United States.   So we really need James Dobson, or SOMEONE to come through for us.

Does this horrify anyone else?

It’s the wrong reason. On SO MANY levels.

Donald Trump shouldn’t have to become “Christian enough” to make it ok to vote for him. It’s important that someone’s Democrat enough or Republican enough to run on that party’s ticket, but being “Christian enough” DOES. NOT. EXIST.

We shouldn’t be weighing and measuring a man’s salvation and relationship with God based solely on our need for him to meet a minimum qualification for peace of mind as we vote for the leader of our country. (Not to even mention that if he HAS accepted Christ, the Bible is very clear about not giving new believers positions of authority.)

And .. um… should we be choosing our president based solely on his profession of Christianity, regardless of whether or not that shows up in his life? Christianity is a bit more than a ballot entrance exam!

Let’s bring this down from the stratosphere:

Imagine this scenario with someone who wasn’t rich, or famous, or running for president.

Ask yourself if someone you actually knew – your brother-in-law, your boss, the guy that hangs out at the corner bar – behaved like Donald Trump, said the things he says, would you be conclude that he was a Christian?

My guess is you would want to suspend judgement on that a bit until you saw whether his life showed evidence.  At least, that would be the Biblical approach.

But either way, your conclusions about his Christianity would probably be completely separate from whether you’d consider him a good choice to lead something very important to you, like the bank that controls your money, or your government.

And that’s okay. 

A decision to follow Jesus or not goes far beyond a job, or an election. And lots of people do jobs for us every day without our knowing if they are Christian or not.

Just because Donald Trump is running for president doesn’t make his religious choice any more my business than if he were my banker or doctor or mechanic. And whether or not he adopts the right title for the sake of an election in no way means that his presidency would be a ‘Christian’ one.

Because I am a Christian, I am obligated to pray for Donald Trump’s salvation if he happens to be in my line of sight, and I’m obligated to treat him with decency and respect and kindness, as I am all people. But this one decision is between him and God.

And am not obligated, or even allowed, to try to manufacture a conversion for him so that I can check that box off my list of concerns and vote for him ‘because it’s God’s will’!

(Shakes head, wonders what this world is coming to.)

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