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How are you??

I’m doing well – AND IT’S FRIDAY!!!!

Even though my beloved rain clouds have apparently been on a road trip this week, the weather is still pleasant, and

I’ve got three – count ’em THREE – jobs for the moment!

I also have more space in my house, after a weekend visit from my landlords to reclaim some of their things, so I’m feel pretty rich as I look out upon my newly opened vistas.

All of which got me thinking.


In keeping with my goal of being a connoisseur of life, I realised I better revisit the essentials and see if I’m on the right track.

I’ve mentioned before that I could never make it as a minimalist.

But I DO want to be an essentialist. And my ESSENTIALS have shifted!

You see, for so much of the past few years, my goals have been mostly about surviving the immediate, seemingly endless crisis…

As you can imagine, those ‘essentials’ skulked pretty near the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy! Not food and shelter, perhaps, but enough sanity and energy to power through a day was about as high as I dreamed.

Strength and freedom?

Contributing to something larger than myself?

Nice gigs if you can get ’em, baby, but I’m just trying to make it through this next 10 minutes!


I was more than a little startled, then, to realise recently that

I’ve usually got enough energy to power through the day,

– and I’ve OFTEN got some left over at the end!

I can envision more than just surviving the day, now, but I’m out of practice.

So, what ESSENTIALS are right for this chapter of my life?

Perhaps instead of just focusing on getting more of the kind of work I really want to keep doing, it’s time to focus on building a strong, profitable, sustainable business?

Perhaps I can go beyond working intentionally to expect ‘hope instead of horror‘ and see if I might even be ready to look upon the future as a PLACE of hope? Maybe even come to view  horror as the anomaly?

The possibilities are exciting!


How about you?

Have your ‘essentials’ changed, or are they still right on track?

Are you as focused on them as you want to be?

Are you finding success in your work toward them?


(And if you’re wondering what this whole ‘essentials’ thing is even about, I highly recommend Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. It is meant as a business book, but I love it because it crystallises what has long made sense to me for LIFE.)

Be well


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