First Sunday in Lent

Happy First Sunday of Lent!!

(If you’re coming into this brand new, you might want to check out my first post in this series, so you know better than to view this as any sort of ‘proper’ Lenten observance.)

So, how did the first ‘week’ of Lent go?

Did you add anything to your life?

Subtract something?

Did someone with far more class than I have find a way to make use of the first week of Lenten Art?

I hope that you are finding, or will find, a moment or two, or even a season of grace in experimenting with Lent!!

My first week was FAR less focused than I’d wished.

But, just remembering  that it is a season for focusing, slowing down, helped me feel at least a little more focused.

Like having a an anchor I could turn back to from time to time.

I really liked having the ‘set apart’ verses for Lent from this Lectionary. And I found the themes for this first week thought provoking. The Joel was the grimmest of the batch, but even it has that hopeful feel of ‘Yeah, it’s a mess and has to be fixed, BUT we’ll work it out.’ (I mean, we could have gotten Amos’ take on the thing instead.)

All the readings sound like the heart of God to me, which was a nice way to start the season.

I like this next week’s crop too! I like the theme that seems to be developing in this.

Here is the WHOLE CABOODLE from the Lectionary site

Or if you’d rather stroll through them a bit more casually: 

Genesis 2:15-17  and 3:1-7
Psalm 32
Romans 5:12-29
Matthew 4:1-11


(A little heavy on The Message, I admit, but where else do you get God saying “Beat it, Satan!” ? )

There is quite a selection in this week’s PRAYERS, and of course I can’t forget my more civilised, or at least visual, brethren, with this week’s Lenten ART.


The next Lent Post will be Sunday, 12 March.



Be well.


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