Holy Week


How are you celebrating Holy Week?

Or, if you are like me and come from a background that barely knows there IS something called ‘Holy Week’: What are you doing for Easter?

I am not doing anything especially fancy, but I have come to really relish holidays and celebrations as time set aside to just focus. I find it a special treat to just have one thing to do at a time, especially when that one thing is slow, peaceful enjoyment of friends or family, or being fully present in the celebration of the important things.

And to just focus on restoration, renewal, being freed, being made holy when I could never possibly manage that myself; this is an especially lovely ‘set apart’ time! : )

I have never been a big fan of huge crowds, so I seldom attend Easter services, even when I am more fully connected to my community than I am this current one, but I will certainly plan some peaceful times of reflection and find some ways to make the day special, and the weekend itself a little more special than the usual chores-and-errands.

I wish you great joy in whatever you do through the rest of this week and the Easter holiday!!

Be well.  

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