How is everyone?


Howdy folks! How is everyone??

Me,  I  am   a   MESS.

Last week I was sick most of the week, then a bit better on Friday and Saturday, then Sunday …  back through the wringer!

NOT how I prefer to spend my sabbath.

SO, this week, I am on TWO, count ’em TWO antibiotics. UGH.

(I secretly wonder if my doctor figures I’m a lost cause so she might as well use me in experiments to see how much abuse the human stomach can take before it just falls out.)

It is not without benefits though: The past two days have been insanely hot for supposed ‘spring’ – nearly 90 degrees, which is just immoral; but I’ve had my own portable winter! I’m typing this in sweats, and sweatshirt, a sweater, and two blankets and I am pretty much comfortable!

SO, all of this to say that while I did get some good writing done on ‘this week’s’ (AKA ‘last week’s‘) post on Saturday, I definitely didn’t get it done, and I’m definitely not going to.

But I hope everyone is well! At least more well than I am! 🙂

All the best from your friendly neighbourhood germ bearing slacker!


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