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Since I didn’t get much response on my offer to create an online campaign that would let folks track the number of people committed to voting for their preferred third party candidate, since Bernie Sanders refuses to be an option, and since online campaigning is DEFINITELY not my strong suit, I’ll put that aside as not the right investment of my time.

Not that I’m not still dedicated to changing the society I live in, especially the political system that has become a corporate version of our worst big-autocratic-government fears.

It’s just that I have to choose my battles, and I know my capacities pretty well. And a massive online campaign, while something I COULD do, if necessary and with adequate support, is not my ideal environment.

Which still leaves me with the election year question of Where do I go from here?

I certainly will not vote for Donald Trump.

And I don’t want to vote for Hillary Clinton.

I understand the fears of many, including my main man Bernie, that to vote outside The Two Party is risky.

And I certainly won’t just sit this one out and refuse to vote; that is far too precious a right to waste, even in this rigged system. (I did find this article nicely thought provoking. Not the right choice for ME at this time, but it’s a viable choice and I certainly agree that there are times when it may be the only way to vote one’s conscience.)

While I agree with Bernie that we need to focus far more attention on the NON presidential elections, and I’ll be doing a much better job of that henceforth, that is a big job, and I have only a limited capacity to do it, since I only live in one state, county, and municipality at a time, and have only so much cash with which to support campaigns.

So where DO I go from here? 

I happened into a very helpful article at just about this point in the quandary.

I tend to get all uptight about the election and think of it in terms of the fate of the world for the rest of eternity. And, yes, there ARE important, long term considerations at stake here, so it’s not that I shouldn’t be concerned.

But Ms. Funes’ article reminds me to have perspective, and not just the long-range-end-of-the-world perspective. Sometimes the smaller picture makes things more clear.

Yes, this election will have significant consequences. However, we’ll probably survive even the worst of the consequences of this election. And one bad president will not change the whole country. Nor one good one, for that matter.

Does that mean I’ll vote my conscience instead of taking the ‘safe’ choice?

I’m still not sure yet.

But it does mean I’ll calm the heck down a bit as I consider it.

And it means that whether I vote for the lesser of evils or not, I’ll do so with an eye toward my responsibilities AFTER that vote:

  • If Ms. Clinton wins, I am obligated to hold her to account for the public statements she has been coerced into by Bernie Sanders and his supporters.
  • If Mr. Trump wins, I am obligated to express my views as a voter  and work with the WHOLE of the US government structure to encourage him to support what I feel is right, and discourage him from making costly errors.
  • As a Christian, of course, I’m obligated to pray for either of them, AND for the work of Congress. I’m obligated to remember that God still has it all in hand. And I’m obligated to God’s commands on citizenship.

And as Bernie has reminded me, I’m responsible to look both beyond the Presidency, and beyond this, and any other election.

My government is a complex organism, and only by viewing it as a whole, and focusing on that whole, can I collaborate with the other citizens of my country to reform and restore it.

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