Just a quick note

Howdy all!

How is everyone?


Me? I’m all right, though this unpacking / getting organised thing is SLOW GOING.

How is it that it takes three hours to clear an area, but 15 minutes of bringing in the next load and it again looks like a tornado touched down in here?!?


Still, I’m managing a few moments here and there to relish the weather¹,

maintain a healthy diet,

and get plenty of fresh air and exercise.


So, a short note this week, as I’m busily attempting to conquer the unpacking before it conquers me (odds are about even right now).

I hope you all have an excellent week, and would love to hear what YOU are up to!



Be well. 


¹ The weather actually IS gorgeous, and I am loving every minute of it!

(When I can stay awake long enough after the work and moving are done!)

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