Just Monday…


Happy Monday!

Honestly, as I write this, it’s been a rough week, and I’m in the midst of a rougher weekend, if you can believe it! How did THAT happen? So I’m all out of encouragement. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a good Monday, with a good week ahead.

I’ve been reminded a LOT lately to think of the many, many blessings I have, even in this fairly tough time.

And it is definitely the right thing to do. I’m not saying it smooths all the paths and turns every stress into a delight, but it DOES improve ME at least, in that moment.

So may I encourage you to take a few moments today to notice, and really enjoy the blessings surrounding you?

Even if they are tiny! Though, sometimes the tiny blessings are the best anyway.

Blessings I am especially grateful for today:

True friends. Man, if this season has shown me nothing else it’s shown me how blessed I am in really GOOD friends.

Revelation. I’m SO struggling with the promises of God in this season, but the more I understand them the more hope I have!

Inspiration. With so much bad news, I still manage to see wonderful people doing lovely things on a pretty regular basis. Whether it’s Bernie and Jane Sanders being who they are, strangers helping strangers, communities sticking up for those who need support, or my closer-to-home loved ones helping me make it through … it gives me hope, and lightens my days.

Spring Rolls. When nothing else can conquer the summer heat AND the chronic stress induced lack of appetite, I can count on rice paper and peanut sauce wrapped around yummy fillings to save the day.


Be well. 


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