Just NICE news for a Monday


Happy Monday!!!

I hope everyone is well!

I had to take my elderly Mac into the shop last week. A simple thing: needed a new battery, drop off at lunch, pick up after work.

Then The Call came.

When the technician turned it on after replacing my battery, the display no longer worked. The 500-some-odd-dollar display.

YIKES. This was not news I wanted 10 days before the end of my job.

But his next words were : “We will take care of the cost of replacing the display, because while we can’t figure out what happened, it could have been something I did while doing the repair, but I’m calling to get your permission to replace it.”

After recalling my jaw from its plunge to the floor, I assented with thanks.

I vaguely remember customer service like that when I was a kid, but it’s been a long time since it was something I looked on as the norm.

And it reminded me that there really is a lot more good in the world than I generally hear about.

I want to take a moment  here at the start of a busy week to just savour the simple reality that people are so much more kind, generous, and amazing than our sound bite culture usually implies.

These stories bring me hope and joy this week:

Rebuilding a neighbourhood, one homeowner at a time

Rebuilding a town, one business at a time

Bridging generation gaps

Education for life

 Rebuilding the the climate, by creating a different path

Leaving this life in STYLE

Be well. 


(I should point out that this same Apple Store, the week before, had spent several hours finding out that I did NOT need a $200 repair in addition to the battery, but only needed some FREE service to my software. Apple is by no means a perfect business, but they have MY loyalty.)

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