Just so you know …. Disclaimers and Disclosures.

Just so you know: Disclaimers and Disclosures.


My expertise:

I am not an expert.

On anything.

No divinity degrees, not ordained by anyone, I wasn’t even “raised in the church”. (1) 

So, clearly what I’m writing here is not gospel, and you don’t have to agree with me on anything. In fact, half the goal of this blog is to create a safe space for disagreeing and exploring difficult concepts.

And you should certainly double check what I say, if it’s something that happens to matter to you.

Obviously, I’ll try not to be wrong on facts.

It doesn’t do us much good to be wrestling through some tough thinking only to find out we haven’t even got the right facts!

But I am human, and I have rather less time than I need to learn everything, so I’m going to make mistakes.

Which leads us to:

Minor errors on this blog
Some folks demand that any changes to a blog  be completely visible. Well, I’ve got to be honest with you:

As a reader I have no desire whatever to wade through a blog post full of cross outs, so I don’t expect I’ll want to publish such a blog post either.

And typos etc. make me CRAZY. So rest assured that I’m going to review a post at some point, find a typo, and I’m going to just correct the blooming thing. IMMEDIATELY! If you didn’t catch it early, you’ll have no idea!!

That’s just the kind of sinner I am. You’ve been warned.

Similarly, if I find some small factual error, that has no impact on meaning, like, I wrote that we went to the park on a Wednesday in June, but I later realise that it was a Thursday in June, I’m probably just going to change that.

Serious errors on the blog
If a factual error changes meaning or harms someone, on the other hand, then that baby is going to get a comment, going to get changed, and possibly is going to get a new post explaining and apologising for the error. (This latter would be for the more heinous end of indiscretion).

I think that about covers it.

Oh, if you see a factual error I’ve made, let me know!

Truth in advertising, and so forth 

I’ve informed this blog that it can live at home for 2 years, then it needs to be able to support itself. To this end, I’m going to try adding various things like Amazon Affiliates and whatever else I can figure out as I go along.

I’m definitely not going to recommend a product just because it’s affiliated, even if I do figure out how to sign up for an ad program.

And I’ll also do my best to fill out any sign up forms and whatever else so that we aren’t drowning in cigarette and beer and viagra ads.

But let me know if anything really offensive ever does show up and I’ll see if I have enough technological capacity to fix it.


Be well.


(1) Which, if you weren’t either, Raised In The Church means that you had nice Christian parents who took you frequently to church, taught you about being a Christian, and surrounded you with salubrious Christian influences.