Last Monday / First Monday

Happy Monday!!!

I hope everyone is well.

TODAY is the LAST DAY of my writing contract!!

I will be getting a few last minute revisions from my team (I HOPE, at least, that it’s only a few!), running through a final edit, and sending my last material off into the world.

Exciting, intimidating, satisfying, horrifying.

And with my LAST Monday of this contract comes yet another FIRST Monday of the rest of my life.

What is next for me?

I don’t know.

What a bizarre thought!

So, I’ll be taking a lovely week off to spend time with family and enjoy COMPLETE freedom, then I’ll begin on The Great Search for the Next Chapter.

SO FAR (… at the moment… as best I can… in my best moments… pretty well today, thank God… ) I am trusting that there IS something next, and that it is GOOD.


One day at a time. 😀




Be well. 




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