Monday Delight: All I Need


You ever fall in love at first sight?

I do.

All the time.

Well, not always at first sight, though that too is a problem, but I frequently fall in love at first sound. One such occasion was a delightful little song called All I Need.

For the longest time I’ve had to enjoy All I Need only when near my own computer or CD player, because it had not made it to YouTube or any other ubiquitous source.

But JOY!!!

The other day I was wishing I could share it with all of you, and THERE IT WAS ON YOUTUBE! Not the most compelling video, I admit, but that’s okay because the song is SO COMPELLING.

If you are in need of life, or peace, or hope this week, this one’s for you! 


I think we all have those periods where it’s a struggle to trust that the light IS there at the end of the tunnel, and there IS a home at the end of the highway. I know I do.

This song is a perfect reminder that hope IS real, and is the right choice.

This is my ‘It is going to be okay. REALLY.’ song. I hope you enjoy it!


Be well. 


While I don’t know this band personally, I corresponded with them briefly in my search for a CD of All I Need and I found them to be really lovely guys. They were, at that time, mostly disbanded because half of them had rushed off to assist in the Hurricane Katrina crisis, which was enough on its own for me to love them. You can find them at

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