Monday and Martin Luther King

Happy Monday!!!

And Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!

How are you?!?!?


I’m doing well, thanks.

It’s a gloriously cloudy day, and lots of rain is in the forecast!!!! (Happy dance.)

I am not a Thirty Seconds to Mars fan.

Not that I’ve anything against them, I’ve just not listened to them enough, honestly, to know if I like their sound or not.

But since my best friend is in love with Jared Leto, I at least know who they are, so when I saw this video come up in a YouTube sidebar, I checked it out.

And I was mesmerised.


The song is all right. Skates a little too close to a hip-hop sound for my taste, but then, that’s not hard to do. I’d at least give them a second chance based on this one¹.

THE COMMUNITY, though … THAT is awe inspiring.


Sure, probably this many people would not have come together to do this amazing thing without the leadership of a famous band; but if we can do it once, we can do it again, right?

So, maybe I’m the only person new to this video, but I have to share it.

It seemed especially appropriate to Martin Luther King Jr. Day too.  


Be well


¹ Update: did the second chance thing. They actually pretty well rock – no hip hop here! (Happy dance reprise.)

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