Monday Antidote.

Happy Monday!!

While I strive to make this a safe place for everyone, today, if you are seeking holly, jolly, Christmas tunes, this is NOT your place!

Now, I like many Christmas songs. Mostly those that were once hymns.


But my position is: if we don’t like these babies enough to play them on the radio all year ’round, then we clearly aren’t needing them enough to justify 24/7 play from Halloween to New Year’s Eve.

And personally, I could do without ‘Santa Baby’ and ‘Feliz Navidad’ for the rest of my life. Honest.

So, for the aching few who lost our appetite for Christmas Music on … oh… 1 November, a little Monday palate cleanser:


And, of course, my Official Song of the American Holiday Season:


Be well. 


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