Monday: Awake, free.

Happy Monday!!

I hope everyone is well!

I admit that my contact with pop music is pretty limited. And when I do find a pop song I can stand, it frequently turns out to be a fight song of some sort.

Battles come in all shapes and sizes, of course, and sometimes you have to fight things that aren’t visible on the outside. Those may be the toughest battles.

So THIS MONDAY’S music is a sampling from my special hoard of fluffy pop music, with a little bite to it.

CAUTION: both of these are ALL about the video!

If you don’t know them, you’ve got to wait until you can pay attention with your eyes!

If I hadn’t seen the Katy Perry song as a video first, I doubt I ever would have listened to it. And though I LOVE the Lindsey Stirling song on every level, it’s the video that makes it a fight song.





Be well. 

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