Monday curious ways

Happy Monday!!!

How is everyone today?

I’m …all right. VERY tired, but alive.

I will be glad, glad, glad when my current project is DONE, but, thanks be to God, I am surviving it – day by day!

A curious thing happened on the way through this week.

I’d been pondering this tiny quote in the last Harry Potter book.

For those who don’t know, I came super, super late to the Harry Potter phenomenon – like, in the last 6 months, late! (Many thanks to Mandie Beck, who dragged me there against heavy opposition).  I had already grown to adore their author, and I’ve found them to be beautifully written, often thought provoking stories.

This particular tidbit-of-the-week is not pivotal to any part of the story, but it struck me as profoundly practical. And timely.

A character signing off a radio update in the early stages of a very ugly war says:

Keep each other safe: Keep faith. Good night.

What a fabulous prescription! What a fabulous way of life!

Often when someone is leaving the house we say ‘Drive safely’, or ‘Be safe’.

We don’t think much about it, but really it’s a gentle way of saying, I love you; of conferring a blessing. And this little eight-word benediction struck me as a perfect expansion of that thought:  “Let’s ALL stay safe! Let’s help each other BE safe!”

Keep each other safe, and keep faith. There are a number of connotations of the two words ‘keep faith’ together, and they are all wonderful!

The simplest: to continue to hold faith – can’t go wrong there, can we?

But as a phrase, keeping faith also means being loyal, standing with someone or for something, even against difficult odds. That sounds pretty good too, ya know?

As it happens, I’m reading through Corinthians just at the moment.

And a couple mornings ago, I hit upon this little gem:

Be careful. Hold firmly to your faith. Have courage and be strong. Do everything in love.

And you know, it kind of gave me the same feeling!

So, today, a Monday of all days, let us

Keep each other safe and keep faith.

That may well require unusual love, courage, and strength in our current reality, but I dare say that increases all our chances of good days and good nights! 🙂


Be well



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