Monday Encouragement: Lay it down


Happy Monday!!!

And a safe and blessed Memorial Day to you.

This past week was tiring. And it capped a busy, stressful three weeks of disorganised project + tight deadlines. Not to mention that my current life is kind of tiring, being in transition and longing to move forward!

By the time the long weekend loomed ahead, I was in need of some refreshing and repair. I saw that my verse for Saturday was Matthew 11:28, and BOY did that sound like the right verse for me!

So my inspiration for this new week is laying some burdens down.


I’ve noticed that even after perfect weekends or holidays, I can walk back into the week hefting the burdens of past, present, and future right back on to my shoulders – as if the pause never even happened.

This week I’m going to try to be intentional about leaving them where they belong.

Be well. 



(If you are not familiar with Disciple, you can find them here: They are a wonderful bunch of guys, and while most of their music is a bit less gentle than this, it’s all awesome!)


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