Monday Encouragement: Next Time


Over the next few  weeks I’ve got to pick back up on a process that went very, very badly the last time I tried it.

I’m hoping I’ve learned enough in the intervening years to make this time come out differently. I’m hoping that the horribly ill-fated house move of 2014 was part of a bigger picture plan that I’ll understand someday. But until then,  trying it again is a scary prospect!

As I’ve been looking back through the lessons from 2014, I came across a quote that I collected at some point in the chaos of ‘back then’ which I think it such a helpful perspective shaper.

When you fail, instead of saying ‘if only’, say ‘next time.’ Next time is a subtle reminder that we have learned something from our pain. Ron Rose. 

Isn’t that a great way to look on failings? I’m giving it my best shot.

Unfortunately, I had scribbled it on a little scrap of paper, so I have not the slightest clue where I got it, and cannot, therefore,  give full credit where credit is due.

But I AM grateful. 


Be well.

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