Monday: Experience

My back yard rained yesterday.

The morning began sunny, with a handful of fluffy clouds, then we got a good, healthy rain for maybe half an hour or so.

The rain ended, the sun came back out, in full glory, and I thought nothing of it until I walked into the kitchen.

Out the back window, the sun was shining brightly through the trees – big streams of it, all through the yard. Like liquid gold, seriously. The branches glowed.

But, the trees, having obviously captured a LOT of rain while it fell, where gently showering that down too. And as this ‘rain’ fell into the streams of sunlight, it, too became liquid gold.

It was one of the more beautiful things I’ve seen.

Thank God, I woke up enough to go out and walk around in it while it lasted.

Wonderland, anyone? It was breathtaking.

Right in my own backyard.


Even though I can’t capture it nearly as beautifully as it deserves, I wanted to mention it as  a reminder – to me, and to anyone else who chooses – to be awake to moments of delight in our every-day.

EVEN our Monday!   🙂



Be well.


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