Monday hope to carry on: It’s going to be okay.


Happy Monday!!!

It’s been a rough few weeks. As I’ve talked with colleagues about our job crisis, or friends about other crises,  or anyone about the US election, one thing I’ve noticed is that we frequently pause and say something along the lines of

“I don’t know HOW, and I know it may not look like we expect, but I really  do believe it’s going to be okay.

And I don’t think we are saying that to each other just to make ourselves feel better.

I think we really are, with whatever sliver of faith we each can muster at any given moment, speaking a truth we believe.

And you know what?



Hearing someone who I trust to really know that things are not always okay, say ‘It’s going to be okay’, it lifts my spirits just enough that I remember, and I believe.

The first person who said this to me during this latest bit of chaos was my friend Amber. And when I said I hoped so, but I was struggling to have faith in it, she hugged me and said “Well, you keep praying and I will have faith for you.

And I believed she would. And that was enough to renew MY ability to believe.

So I encourage you today, to remember, that at some point, even if it doesn’t look exactly like we expect, really, it is going to be okay. 

And if you can’t believe that right now, you are not alone. But SOME ONE of us CAN. And we’ve got each other covered. 😉


Be well. 

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