Hope for a Monday: More Faithful


In case you hadn’t yet noticed, Monday posts tend STRONGLY toward ‘what I need to survive the week’! 🙂

I DO hope, and intend (whenever I can dredge up the time and energy) to locate a wider range of topics, things that can appeal to non Christian as well as Christian readers, for example.

But in this current season … alas.

This week I face big steps across my own battle scars, and I face them with fear and trembling, so you can bet I’ll be coming back day after day to this, one of my favourite songs of all time: More Faithful, by my beloved Skillet.

Whether the week ahead looks like a tough one, or happens to be a blessedly peaceful one for you, I wish you a glorious week, and the constant assurance of faithful goodness and provision.


Be well. 


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