Monday priority

Happy Monday!!!!

I know it’s Monday, and thinking is hard enough on regular days, but I’ve got a question.

What is one thing you REALLY should prioritise, because it feeds your soul, but you just never DO prioritise??

May I challenge you to fit it in?


To ditch something that drains you, or even just something that doesn’t feed you, and instead invest that time into making the week better?

I’d love to hear what you decide to do!



I’m going to make time for the morning stretching routine that ALWAYS eases my pain, improves my energy and outlook, and makes it much easier to get the rest of the day’s tasks accomplished.

I can do this in 7 minutes! SEVEN! 

Really do it up right in 16.

Heck, it even feels good!

Why on earth do I push it off day after day? I have no idea.


So, I’m recommitting that 7-16 minutes a day to improving my WHOLE day. My whole week. Keep me accountable! 🙂



Be well. 

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