Monday Re-Inspired.

Happy Monday!!

I hope everyone is well!

I know it is Monday, and I know that people who are cheerful on Monday should be viewed with suspicion (hostility, even, if this occurs before 10 am), but today, I just can’t help myself.

For the first time in QUITE some time, I’m feeling a teensy, tiniest resurgence of hope.

Not that brave, solemn, ‘Come on, you can get through this’ brand of hope, valuable though that is. No faint glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel hope here.

I’m taking bouncy, bubbly, can’t-seem-to-contain-it, starting to risk thinking things might one day be okay again, hope!


My country is in a dark time, but in the past few weeks we’ve fought hard against some awful things, and at least for the moment we’ve made a difference!!

Tough times are ahead, definitely. But I’m back to seeing them as challenges we just might meet! Maybe even conquer! It’s good to feel that again.

My faith is back to at least a nice boil, and I am reminded that it’s never too dark for the light to prevail.


So, in honour of banding together, fighting for what’s right, seeing beyond the now, and standing strong, I wanted to share a Monday fight song that speaks to everything I value.

I searched in vain for a ‘lyrics’ version of this (alas), or at least an animated version (you don’t want to go there; trust me) but that just wasn’t happening.

So enjoy the song itself. 🙂





Be WELL!! 


Random aside: The above version of this song is the way I first heard it. I always assumed that Ms. St. James’ version would be a kinder, gentler version of the original anthem. Curiously, is turns out that hers is the seriously hard core version! Only Jorn comes close, and I think Rebecca might even have the edge there. Every day is a chance to be surprised!

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