Monday reality check: being YOU


Happy Monday!!

I hope everyone is well!

I’ve recently ‘found’ Joyce Meyer. I had heard of her long ago, but for years she was just Random Celebri-Christian; No-Big-Hair.

Then a friend suggested one of her books, which I found remarkably sensible and real. So, I’ve read a couple more. 

Most recently I was reading The Power of Simple Prayer

In describing her dismal failure at trying to pray in a way that suited a hero of hers, but did NOT suit her, Mrs. Meyer says

“I encourage you to be all you can be, but don’t try to be what only someone else can be. God will never help you be anyone but you!” 

I SO get that.

For the longest time I tried to cultivate the gift of Hospitality.

Now, I’m an extreme introvert:

  • I passionately dislike small talk,
  • don’t really enjoy being with more than one other person at a time,
  • there are few people I actually enjoy having in my space,
  • and even having THOSE people over requires recovery time.

I am most peaceful and productive when I’m by myself, and having anyone but my closest friends over makes me a wreck.

Are you seeing failure looming here?

It took ages for me to recognise that not only was this ‘GIFT’ not one I had been GIVEN, but it was probably the last gift I’d ever operate in successfully!

Sure, like any Christian, or decent member of a community, sometimes I’ll need to extend hospitality beyond my normal comfort zone. Not a problem.

But that doesn’t mean I should focus the majority of my energy on becoming something I have no talent for!

Being a prayer warrior, a counsellor, a truth teller, a trustworthy friend .. these are things God helps me be, so it makes sense to focus my energy there!

What are the gifts you have, that deserve the biggest, best part of your time and attention? 


May God grant you the grace to pursue those with all your heart!

Be well. 

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