Monday Soundtrack

Happy Monday!!

How is everyone??

I’m well, but today, begins my ‘What was I thinking?!?’ Rush Project.

Five reports, one Powerpoint, and a fact sheet in 30 days – can she do it?!

(Well, she has to do it, so the better question is probably ‘Can she do it and still have two functional eyes, and her sanity, at the end of it?’)  😉

It’s going to require a good soundtrack.

Times like this REQUIRE 15 Stories

Then, of course, some high energy tunes – a recharge station, if you will.

The winning combination of catchy tune, Bend It Like Beckham memories, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers never goes amiss.

Last, but never, never, least, much-needed reminders from Skillet…

That will do for a start.

What does your Monday look like?

What is your perfect soundtrack this week?

Be well

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