Monday Survival: Just START

tree-trunk-569275_640     Happy Monday!!

I hope that your weekend was delightful and your week is starting well.

I mentioned a few weeks ago a book I’m going through in my small group, The Artisan Soul. In the back of the book is a section for each chapter with ideas on how to take action on the concepts in the book.

One I just fell in love with was:

“Make a list of things in your imagination that would make the world better if they became a reality.”

Mr. McManus doesn’t specify this, but I suggest writing them in the present tense, as if they have already happened.

(There are related actions in the book, but Monday is definitely not a day for homework; so take a look at the book if this sparks a strong interest!)

I don’t know about you, but I had never done that exact exercise. I’ve dreamed things. I’ve whined about things not being how I KNOW they should. I’ve even set written goals for what is ‘possible’.

But I had never sat down and said, “Possible or not, this is something I know would make the world a better place!” then listed that down.

Just as with our goals though, once we have paid attention to those dreams or inspirations, and written them down, we are in a better place to start making the world better.

It doesn’t require all our time, or a billion dollars, or even the favour of the rich and powerful to START, and it isn’t necessarily any one of our jobs to FINISH changing the world.

We could take the simple step to begin praying for these changes in the world. Or change one aspect of our lives or attitudes to make us a better part of the world!

No matter if you make an effort to create the change or not though, take a couple minutes to make the list. It tells you a lot about you, and it can be pretty encouraging!


Be well. 


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