2017. New Life Resolutions


One of my very favourite days of the year (yet another day that should be a national holiday) and this year we are blessed with TWO!


Well, this year is starting rather chaotically, which has definitely helped shape my New Year’s resolutions.

With quite a few changes and much chaos behind me, and several big-deal life changes ahead of me, the New Year calls for some serious commitment to building abundance!

Into each life a certain amount of unhappy and unsettled is bound to fall, but I am not willing for that to be my whole life, you know?

Regroup? CHECK.

Recover? CHECK(ish).

It’s time to move forward again.

So, I’m thinking this year’s focus looks a bit like this:

1. Focus FIRST on getting more of the kind of work that I really want to keep doing.

It’s a tough world, and I know this one may not work out. That’s okay – I’m perfectly capable of doing whatever work I have to to pay the bills. But unless I prioritise FIRST seeking work that I find truly positive and life-giving, and give that the best of my energy, I’ll never know what blessings I might have found.

2. Expect hope instead of horror with this next move.

Moving: not my favourite thing. At all.

But I’ve had nearly an extra year of preparation for this, I’m healthier than when I last faced it, and I’ve learned A LOT about moving (involuntarily, true, but knowledge nonetheless).

Granted, having to find work AND move ups the concern a bit, but I’m going to actively trust that just as there was a viable solution for me here, there is a positive and even healthier solution at the next step.

3. GAIN health in the coming transitions.

Okay, that’s a tough one. Transitions are not me at my best. But I’ve worked hard to get healthier and I’m not giving it up without a fight!

So, with chaos coming in the next few months, the things that keep me healthy have to be a higher priority than the Evil Urgencies I know will appear to claim my time and energy. That means planning a life in which healthy activities get slots before the rest of life even sees the schedule. And it means banking all the health I can right now.

4. Shape my life so that one year from today my own life is more abundant and I’m more of a catalyst for others’ abundance too.

This must be the end goal of any choices sparked by the above. I want to live a good, whole, useful life, and I want to encourage all the like-minded community I can.  If these really are my values, then that’s where my energy’s got to be going!


It’s doable. Intimidating, yes, but the next 6 months can’t much help being intimidating, so I might as well be facing into some BIG SCARY HOPE rather than just lots of ongoing BIG AND SCARY.


Be well. 



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