Happy, Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!

Today, and always,




I wish you love,




Young girl wearing ballet dress, in field



I wish you FREEDOM




I wish you joy



I wish you hygge… 🙂

Image: memorial candle being lit.   

I wish you all the time in the world…





And just enough light.



I wish you beauty.





And time with friends.



I wish you



, Kat



Be well

LENT 2018! Ash Wednesday.

Welcome to LENT.


It’s here!!  It’s here!


Or, rather, they’re here!!!

This year Lent and Valentine’s Day come together!

Can it get any better?!?!

(I only hope that none of my local acquaintances are giving up chocolate for Lent, since that is my main Valentine’s gift.)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

As you know if you’ve been here long, I’m not big into giving things up for Lent – I usually focus on adding something.

This year though, I have decided to fast – I am giving up reading non-local Political and Environment news¹, and the Entrepreneur blog for Lent.

The reasons are pretty simple.

  • I’m out of time into which to add new things,
  • and I tend to neglect virtually anything in favour of NEW INFORMATION.
  • A clear path to more time, then, is to clear information clutter.

Add to that the fact that national and global political news generally makes me irascible, frustrated, despondent, or all of the above, and they seem like good candidates for some fasting!

Entrepreneur doesn’t bring out my worse sides. It just gets the boot because its site is so well set up, and its articles so useful right now, that I can easily spend an hour skipping from one fascinating read to another!

I’m hoping this will open up a good amount of time, into which I plan to add:

  • Fifteen minutes of daily focused meditation.
  • Fifteen minutes of daily moving meditation.
  • And those questions and projects I find relevant from an interesting little book that recently reviewed, called Word Made Art: Lent.

And now …

with the help of our dear and faithful Revised Common Lectionary, courtesy of those lovely folks at Vanderbilt University

… let’s get started!!

It’s Ash Wednesday!

The readings for Ash Wednesday are

And don’t forget! The Lectionary has prayers, ART, and much, much more for each week and event of this Lenten season!




Be well.

¹ There is one caveat – I will still read environmental news required to do my job. At the moment none of my project require this, so I’ll hope for the best!

Monday Reminder

Happy Monday!!

How are you?


I’m doing pretty well!

I’m waiting for a storm that is supposed to pour delightful rain down on me tonight and tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to Lent!

I wasn’t sure what sort of Monday mood I was in.

Fragile or unbreakable? Boundless or fettered? Rush to the fight … or climb back under the covers?

Somewhere in between, probably, which is tough to set to music (unless it’s a symphony).

Then I happened upon this Fireflight song that is completely new to me.  Don’t know how I missed it, but it’s a sort of 3 minute capsule of the last few years of my life! 

I bet I’m not the only one who can identify.



Be well