Blessings in the storm


My goodness it’s been an intense week!

Last week was such a whirlwind – getting the news about my job ending at the end of September, numerous meetings about that, and having to get myself back to CA, on top of two projects with deadlines – that I really didn’t have any time at all to process the reams of information about my job disappearing.

Or even the FACT that my job will be disappearing.

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind too, but at least I have the 10 hour drive (11.5 with CA traffic jams) and most of the deadlines behind me.

So now I’ve at least caught up on the ‘What to expect as your job disappears’ paperwork, and I’ve begun to actually FEEL all the feelings swirling around this latest crisis.

I am EXHAUSTED by the end of most workdays! Which, I guess that at least prevents laying awake nights worrying. 😀

One of the most unexpected things about this little crisis has been the blessings within it.

I imagine I’ll do more than my share of whining and maybe even raging over the course of this latest adventure, so I want to take at least this one opportunity to acknowldege the BLESSINGS.

My boss sent out a general announcement about the restructure, and within hours the man I respect most in my whole organisation (and one of the men I respect most in the world) had sent me a note asking how it would affect me, and expressing concern.

Since then I have received a number of similar notes from people I admire all across our organisation. Not just people I work with each week, but people who could easily go a month, many months, without ever thinking of me. I don’t think I felt so honoured when I GOT the job as I do by these expressions of concern and support!

As soon as another colleague heard, she skyped me to say that if I need any help processing things, or just want to chat, she is there for me – and I know for a fact that this woman has been working 75 hour weeks lately due to more work than people to do it.

Since I was in Washington when I got this news, I had to call my friend who lives there, whom I had been expecting to spend more time with, and tell her that I was leaving two weeks early and couldn’t say now when I’ll be back.

And she immediately offered that I could come stay with her if I need a place to live. No questions, no strings, no time limits, just ‘If you need this, you have it’.

Do you have any idea what that does for the soul on the receiving end?

If I get nothing else out of life’s lessons, I pray that I get THAT lesson well enough to do the same for someone else down the road.

And my lovely housemate, who will arguably be most affected by this if the worst comes, made the same offer! She also took me to my favourite restaurant for lunch the day after I limped back from Washington.

Who has friends like this?!?!

Actually, I hope you ALL do. I hope I am so good a friend.

If not, I hope I grow up to be.

Yesterday this same housemate came home with a special edition of of my favourite workout magazine, focused on stretching and strength. “Because,” she said “you’ll need to be taking good care of yourself during this time.”

I am also one of those blessed people who has a truly supportive family. They do not all pray, but those who do have all offered prayer support. And ALL of them have offered emotional support, wisdom, and help whenever I need it. I know that not everyone has that and I do not take it lightly.

Even the fact that I have a fairly long notice, and some options, and an emergency fund, is a blessing. I know that some people lose their jobs with no warning.

So, this isn’t the most peaceful of times, and I have moments of horror and despair, yet I am richly blessed.

I do not, yet, have the whole picture of my ‘abundant life’, and yeah, this latest crisis even looks a bit like going backwards; yet my life is pretty abundant.



Be well. 

Economic Parasites

cat-1074657_640      STOP!

If you read nothing else today, please read Nick Hanauer’s extremely helpful article Confronting the Parasite Economy!!

Ignore my blog, ignore Pokemon GO, whatever that is, but read Nick Hanauer!

This article does SUCH a great job of explaining exactly how our economy went from GREAT to dismal – and how to Make America Great Again.

There are so many important points it’s hard to choose a selection to summarise it, but these stand out for me:

“all of us who live and work in the real economy should be royally pissed at the way the parasite economy is sucking us dry.”

“It is the real economy that drives both production and demand, and that fills our tax coffers with the money needed to educate our children, maintain our infrastructure, invest in research and development, fund our social safety net, and provide for the national defense.”

“The real economy delivers on the promise of capitalism. The parasite economy relentlessly undermines it.”

“So why should we subsidize a low-wage parasite economy when the high-wage real economy offers so much more? “

But honestly, those don’t begin to cover this awesome (and pretty funny!) article. So just read it! 😉

I have long respected Nick Hanauer because he understands business reality but he doesn’t look at it through snively ‘But this is how we’ve ALWAYS done it’ glasses; he looks at it with the eyes of someone who wants his businesses to KEEP growing.

I’d kinda like that for the American economy too.

And I’d kinda like that to be relevant for ALL OF US in the American economy, you know?



Be well. 


In case the link doesn’t work above, you can cut and paste it from here: 

Monday REST Reprise


Oy! What a difference a week can make!

Last week I was enjoying the lovely state of Washington where it is cool and grey far more than it is hot and sunny, and very seriously debating whether I could move there in the next month or two. This week I learned that my job will end on the last day of September.

SO, I won’t be relocating just at the moment!

I’m still trying to adjust my mind to all of this. I imagine it will take a little while. I am grateful for a lot about the timing of this, but I still wish it wasn’t happening at all.

So, though this blog certainly isn’t old enough to be rehashing ‘oldie’ posts, today’s ‘Monday’ is going to be all about Skillet again.

Because I’m gonna need some Rest in these coming weeks!


On this Monday, I wish you peace and security.

Be well.

If you are not familiar with Skillet, you can check them out here: A word of warning though, REST is an unusually quiet song for Skillet!! 🙂