People amaze me.


People amaze me.

Now frankly, when I say that  I often do NOT mean it as a complement!

But sometimes I do.

Sometimes I am simply stunned by the creativity and … just… the awesomeness of ordinary people.

I’m unusually blessed that in my work for the past decade I’ve gotten to travel in developing countries and see how shockingly innovative and brilliant people are when they can’t fall back on buying their way out of every need.

But even in my own country, even during the last glimmers of this dreadful election, I’ve been impressed again and again.

I read an article this week about a girl in New York who worked through her depression by writing letters of encouragement and love and leaving them around NYC for complete strangers to find.

How do people come up with this stuff?!?

I’m as mental as I ever hope to be, and thank God at least I don’t have depression to get through, and I can’t even imagine thinking up such a cool response to this crisis!

I’m happy to get through the day with my work done, clean laundry, and the meals cooked, and here’s this chick transforming lives during her darkest moments! 

I found this incredibly inspiring. Not the least because I’ve been looking for ways to give back a little, bring a little hope, with the very limited energy I have. Even I can write letters, for goodness’ sake!

Then I ran across an article about this family who bought a desk on Craigslist, and when they moved it into their home found nearly $100,000 CASH in it – and called the seller to return the money.

People like that give me hope for my species.


Closer to home, I recently received a LinkedIn connection request from a colleague I hadn’t seen in four or five years. I was excited to reconnect with her, so I sent her a note to say hello.

And her immediate reply was ‘I noticed your update, I’m so sorry about your job; I’ve been there. Could we get together for coffee or something and see how I can help you?’

I want to be like this woman when I grow up.


Even in this election itself, which causes me real concern about how the future will look for ordinary Americans, I find cause for hope.

Four states voted to raise, some nearly double, their minimum wage. And at least one was a staunch Republican state!!

Other states and cities passed laws to improve health in various ways – not the huge reforms we need, but hope to carry on, at least.

And on the lighter side, I was DELIGHTED when I saw a notice on Election Day about donating pizza for those standing in line to vote!

It’s a small thing, but it still proclaims: love wins.


So, from a fairly rocky beginning, I end this week with a bit more calm, a bit more hope, and far more respect for my fellow human beings.

SOOO many people are opening their hearts to fight the negativity and stand up for those who are at increased risk. I’ve seen people reexamining their own cultures and beliefs and reaching out make changes. I think we’ll make it. 


Be well. 


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