Take a prayer request, leave a prayer request!

Take a prayer request. Leave a prayer request.

Any time you have a concern for which you’d like some agreement in prayer feel free to drop that into the comments, the Facebook chat, or send me a note via the contact form, and I’ll be happy to pray for you!

NOTE: If you use the comments or Facebook chat, others can pray for you as well; the contact form goes only to me.

FOR MYSELF: Updated  27 October

Thank you to all who have prayed for my sister Jennifer and her husband Tony throughout Tony’s battle with cancer. Tony went home to heaven on the 7th of October.

  1. Please continue praying for Jennifer, and her daughter Rhiannon, as they begin to move forward into life without their beloved husband and father. They are strong, courageous women, but this is going to be a very hard time for them.
  2. I am once again eligible to apply for jobs with my former employer. I’d REALLY love to do some contract work with their publishing department, if possible. Please pray on that with me!
  3. PRAISE! I still seem to be gaining energy! This makes SUCH a difference in my productivity (not to mention my disposition!).


How can I be praying for YOU?

(Note: Anything sent through this form goes only to me. If you’d like others to pray for your request too, skip down a little farther to the ‘COMMENTS’ below.)

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