Take a prayer request, leave a prayer request!

Take a prayer request. Leave a prayer request.


Any time you have a concern for which you’d like some agreement in prayer feel free to drop that into the comments, the Facebook chat, or send me a note via the contact form, and I’ll be happy to pray for you!

NOTE: If you use the comments or Facebook chat, others can pray for you as well; the contact form goes only to me.


FOR MYSELF: Updated  18 June


Well, we in my family are just a MESS right now! We can really use some prayer support. 

  1. Please continue praying for my sister Jennifer and her family, as Jennifer’s husband Tony faces cancer. Tony has had an awful weekend, with TWO trips to the hospital, and that is tough and exhausting for all of them.
  2. My uncle Jay is also battling some pretty serious health issues, so I’d appreciate prayer for him, and my aunt Kay.
  3. Thankfully, my mom Judy hasn’t had things that tough, but she did break her arm very badly, so please pray that that will heal well with no complications from the surgery, etc.
  4. With all of that going on, my life feels pretty easy right now, but I would appreciate prayer to be able to get all the unpacking done on time, and to be able to settle in quickly and get back up to speed with making a living and getting healthy.


How can I be praying for YOU?

(Note: Anything sent through this form goes only to me. If you’d like others to pray your request too, please skip down a little farther to the ‘COMMENTS’ below.)

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