Image: memorial candle being lit.

Holocaust Remembrance Day.

This year, it feels especially important to remember. To acknowledge.

It was once easy to tell myself

It can never happen again.

It could never happen here.


But that isn’t true. Each day we have to remember, and decide, not to be the worst that previous generations have been.

Because we aren’t as different from them as we’d like to think we are.

But with work, and courage, we can choose differently than they did, if faced with those same, horrible choices.

So today I pray that if the time ever comes, I will not have been lulled, or frightened, into being part of an atrocity that I never could have imagined.

Did you ever read your history lesson and think “If I had been there, I’d have been different! I’d have done better…” ?

Let us guard that courage and defiance.

Hoping we never need it, but ready to stand in it if we must.

Because we’re here now, and what we do now is what we would have done, how we would have been.



Be well. 

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