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From time to time I want to get some ‘further reading’ suggestions on here, so anyone who might want to further explore topics has something to refer to beyond my humble opinion.

I started by trying to make a referenced list in a page. That worked well for maybe three titles, then became a nightmare to scroll through.

In a rare flash of brilliance it occurred to that I could probably create a technological solution which would make these far easier to sort and manage! Cue pensive looks from anyone who knows how well I work with technology. But no, really, I think I actually have it this time!

So, welcome to the resources section of Some Grace With That!

Here you will find (as I get time to write them up) short summaries of  books, periodicals, organisations (and perhaps other types of material I’ve not yet thought of) related to the topics in SGWT posts.

I have far more interesting things to write about than I have extra time in the day, so if you have a specific topic you’d really like more information on, please let me know and I’ll try to get to that first!

If I have succeeded with the technology there should be a little form you can fill out below with any requests, or you can also leave a comment either here or on the Some Grace With That facebook page.

If I have further succeeded with the technology, you should be able to click on the links below to get sorted lists of each type of resource! (Though at the moment there aren’t many to sort.)

book-759873_640 BOOKS

pencils-762555_640 JOURNALS / PERIODICALS



So, let me know what you think, send any requests, and by all means please fill up the comments section with your own suggestions and reviews!

Be well. 



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