Resources / Further Reading: Relevant Magazine

technology-792180_640    Relevant Magazine 

This is one of the most appropriately named products I’ve ever run into. I find SO MUCH of what Relevant produces to be just that: relevant.

If you are looking for a Christian media source that deals with the real world, rather than existing in a little Christian bubble, Relevant may be just the ticket. The magazine itself is fabulous, but the online resources, the blogs in particular, are where Relevant really came alive for me.

They cover every topic imaginable, including the tough stuff and they do it (usually) with sensitivity and decency. Unlike some progressive Christian resources, I’ve never read anything in a Relevant post that I found unbiblical, which is important to me, but they definitely deal with all the grey-area topics, and they pull no punches when it comes to cultural, rather than specifically Biblical Christian concerns.

Sections I love include ‘Life‘, ‘God‘, and ‘Culture‘. They also have a podcast section, if you are into that. Not my thing, but I expect it’s just as good as the rest!


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