Simple Tips for Prosperity


While the US elections are not quite over, the time for having any impact on them beyond voting is over, and it’s past time to return to more pleasant, more ABUNDANT topics!

Some time ago I saw a charming old video (for which, alas, I have no direct link; I wasn’t planning to blog when I saw the thing) of Ron Blue describing 6 principles for financial health.

They pretty much summed up the decisions that end in abundance, so I noted them down to review periodically for inspiration:

  1. Spend less than you earn
  2. Avoid the use of debt
  3. Save to build liquidity and margin into your finances
  4. Set long term goals so you can prioritise your spending between your short term and your long term goals
  5. Give generously
  6. Understand that God owns it all

From the Bible to  Saturday Night Live, the foundational principles  don’t change much! And they continue to work!

I don’t know about you, but as the end of the year approaches, and a new year begins to appear, I always like to revisit ‘The Important Things‘ in my life, to see if they need any fine tuning.

Money, and managing it well, are among my Important Things.

Not the most important things, but since I don’t want to  be living pay check to pay check in my 90s, important enough to merit a winter look-see and possibly even some new year revisions.

And what better time than right before the holiday season?

If that also appeals to you too, but you wonder where on earth to start, I can suggest from my own experience:

Debt-Free Living: Eliminating Debt in a New Economy

The Total Money Makeover

Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money: The Handbook of Financial Peace University 

You can get most of these from the library to see if they will be of value, and each author also has quality websites with lots of material for free.

Another site that has great material on getting, and staying, financially free is SeedTime.

And if you’d like some intel on the useful principles, but aren’t up for the links to Christianity, Mr. Money Mustache has got you covered! Check out his greeting for new readers on the front page and you can get a pretty solid finance education in a few hours’ reading.

And a very special ‘holiday’ resource, that isn’t really about how to achieve financial health, but rather about a way to enjoy it while making Christmas less stressful and more delightful, is The Advent Conspiracy. I’ve not yet found myself in a place to live it fully in my community, but I like to inch a bit closer each year!

I can say from my own experience – which now includes being laid off from my job at the end of September – that having savings, paying off debt, and having control of your budget changes your life.

When things are going well, you enjoy them more because financial stress isn’t weighing you down.

And even the tough times are at least not terrifying when your finances are healthy.

I may never be rich, and I am certainly not without concerns, but having some real peace, even in this storm, is invaluable.

Be well.

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