Soup Night – People Doing It Right


I found this lovely little story via YES Magazine’s Facebook feed. I don’t know about you, but I’ve mostly lived in Greater Suburbia where even knowing the neighbours is a bit of a lost art. Between fear, inertia, and excessive busyness, communities not connecting, not BEING community has become an epidemic.

I love to see people reaching out, in very simple ways, and changing that. I admit I’d probably have run for the hills within moments of Mr. Don’s arrival, but Ms. McEuen and her neighbours built a tiny miracle in which every piece was a perfect fit. Bravo!

My kind of revolution.

2 Replies to “Soup Night – People Doing It Right”

  1. What a great, scary idea! It’s heartwarming that the author held a neighborhood soup night, but there is just something slightly…scary or intimidating about having a group of strangers invade your house. But, I suppose that’s the whole point–to create a community of neighbors.

    1. 😀 it is rather impressive isn’t it?!? I am assuming that, having lived for many years on the same street, she at least had a nodding acquaintance with some of the neighbours, but I have to admit I stress out having FRIENDS over, so my hat is off to her, and I hope to be at least a bit more like her when I grow up.

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