Monday Encouragement: Stars

Happy Monday!!!

How is everyone?!?

I’m pretty well. All weeks are a little surreal these days, but at least this last one ended with less chaos it started with.

In the midst of the oddness, my beloved Skillet has once again written an album perfect for my life. I am loving the whole thing, but this week I find Stars especially encouraging.

And perfect for facing Monday!


One of the, er, special blessings… of having most of my world shift at once has been the sort of ‘put up or shut up’ testing of my recently rebuilt faith.

I’m not saying I’ve quite enjoyed it, but it honestly IS a blessing, because I need to know whether my faith is truly recovered, whether I really will be able to withstand, if things get really bad.

And so far, I feel pretty confident. Every day is a bit of a roller coaster, but more often than not I find I can return my mind, my trust to the One I need to be centred on.

That you,  Skillet, for a timely reminder!


Be well. 


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