Teeny tiny post. Sleeping now….


Good day all, I hope you are very well!

I am well, but I am also BEAT. My goodness it’s been an intense couple weeks.

Inflexible work deadline + too few people + the need for close critical inspection of large documents = not a peaceful, reflective girl.

Not that I’ve been working 24 hours days; it’s just that when my day is done I better resemble jello, or the dawning of the zombie apocalypse, than I do a sentient being.

All this to say, I am NOT brimming over with abundance this week! 

And while I do have a great deal of authenticity, especially as the week wears on and I lose sleep, I think we’d best consider that too much of a good thing just at the moment.

So, rather than continuing to peck away at a post that has become  grim and aimless – common characteristics of the author on weeks like this – I’ll share some of my current  favourite articles by people who DO still have the capacity to string words together sensibly.

I hope you’ll find something interesting or thought provoking in them.

And I wish you a splendid, delicious, delightful weekend and week!! I hope to be back to full function next week…

After sleeping for the next two days!

Declutter Your Fantasy Self

The title intrigued me, then the article cracked me up! How much stuff are you storing for your Fantasy Selves?? Just last weekend I was flipping through my  Fantasy Artist’s collection of drawing books. (They’re small… they fit with the other books anyway… when I retire…) My Fantasy Card Maker on the other hand, has her own rubbermaid bin! That I’ve moved TWICE!

What Is An Enough List And How it Helped Me Enjoy Everyday

I had read this one a while ago, then came across it again in Joshua Becker’s post on the 3-Item To-Do-List. I was glad of the reminder. While I HAVE pared down my To-Do lists, I sometimes forget the ‘Why’ behind that, and that risks dreaded List Creep.

Isolation is the dream-killer, not your attitude

I’ve read some of Barbara Sher’s books and although she makes this point clearly, somehow I never fully got it. This is a 20 minute TED Talk, so I know that isn’t handy for everyone in a busy day, but it’s pretty cool, and very funny, if you have the time.

I think it’s also a good reminder of why ‘community’ is worth preserving, or even restoring.


Okay, okay, I know I’ve already shared this baby, but I’ve got to tell you, this song got me through this week. And I admit that the concept of rest has developed an almost hypnotic appeal….ZZZzzzz..


Be well. 



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