I love the fact that we have a Thanksgiving Day Holiday.

I realise that for many it may be more a celebration of turkey than of gratitude, but I really appreciate the concept of a day set aside.

Set aside to remember.

Set aside to savour.

Set aside for stillness in our busy lives.

Set aside for gratitude.

That is richness to me.

I love all the festivals and Sabbaths in the Bible, how devoted the nation of Israel was to remembrance.

I used to focus more on the BIG things to celebrate, commemorate … be grateful for.

And, certainly I appreciate the bigger blessings! But I find that the little blessings are usually the richer ones, in the long run.

I was certainly grateful for my job. But now that that is gone the parts of it I remember the most, the memories that mean the most, the pieces that continue to enrich my life today, are the details.

The JOB didn’t enrich my life like the friends I made in it who I will email, Facebook, and Skype with today. Or the experiences I had because of it, that I can’t imagine having had otherwise.

And it’s the same for every other job I’ve held.

Even University, life shaping as that is, when I look back on it from this (rather significant!) distance, resolves into

my friend Larry, with whom I’m still in touch…

a group of us drinking ghastly coffee in the lobby of the science building, laughing at nothing but fatigue and shared finals misery…

the stunning poem written by a Kenyan classmate and read in his rich, resonant voice …

As this Thanksgiving Day has been approaching, I’ve had a running stream of Things I Am Thankful For playing across my mind.

  • The rain that has crept in every week or so lately.
  • How intense all the colours get when it’s cloudy out.
  • And that it’s nice and cool here now.
  • The support of my friends and family during both the 2014 LifeWreck and my job becoming redundant this year.
  • The blessing of working on this project I’m doing right now.
  • The squirrels that galumph across my roof and skitter up the Asian pear tree in my courtyard. (Slightly less thankful for them when they dig out my bulbs, but one can’t have everything.)
  • My fierce little pink Geranium, that blooms away in all weather.
  • Friends from all across the world writing to say they were praying for our elections, and our country.
  • That my Dad is grilling the annual turkey, with scientific precision, probably wearing his chef’s hat.
  • That technology connects me to loved ones across the world.

The list goes on, and on. Big things, and lots of little things. Far more than I could fit into only one day of remembrance!

But that’s okay.

It’s handy to carry a little gratitude into the rest of the days. 


Be well. 


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