The last Monday of the year!!

My goodness, what a year this has been!

I hope this last Monday of 2016 finds you well.

As this year comes to a close,

What are you thankful for? 

What are you excited about? 

What concerns you? 

What is your most delightful memory of 2016? 

What is your greatest hope for 2017? 


I am thankful for SO many things! For my friends and family, for my writing project, that I had enough savings to weather my job disappearing, that my health is improving, for tea and bread, for BOOKS, for the blessings my gracious God has showered upon me. The list goes on…

I am excited to see where this next chapter in my life will take me! I was distressed to lose my job, but I trust that it still can be a blessing in my life. I am excited to finish this manual I am writing and see it in print! I am looking forward to visiting my family and friends back home after the first of the year. This list too, can go on and on…

Yes, of course this coming year is one of many concerns. Will the new Powers That Be in my country do as much damage as I fear? Will my hopes for a modern healthcare system be dashed utterly for 2-4 additional years? Will I find my next work quickly, or will it take a long, frightening time? Where, oh where, will I live 6 months from now?!?!

So yes, I have concerns. But I have hope again, too. 


My most delightful memory of 2016 is a hard one! While things have been tough this year, I tend to have a lot of delightful experiences! Well, one that comes to mind:

After I started on this medication and began to feel SIGNIFICANTLY better, it was raining and I opened the door and just stood and listened to the rain.

For once no one was driving by, or making a racket; there was only the gorgeous sound of the rain, the glorious colours of the courtyard against the grey.

After being so sick for so long, I couldn’t even remember when I had last just stood and listened to the rain with nothing wrong, nothing to worry about, and nothing urgently needing to be done. It WAS delightful.

And my greatest hope for 2017? For the blessing of more and more evidence that my trust in God is a safe bet, and that this last few years truly IS a part of his loving plan. Not the most noble hope, perhaps, or the most profound, but it’s important to me just now.


Be well. 

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