Sense, lies, and lesser evils.


If we do nothing else right this year, can we please just stop lying about our lesser evils?

Maybe a ‘Friends don’t let friends vote on denial‘ campaign?

Sure, the candidates’ staff needs to lie about them – that’s why they make the big bucks. And maybe their few TRUE supporters have a good rationale, too.

But the rest of us, who never signed on for these candidates?

WE have no business spouting nonsense in order to make it less appalling to vote for them!

That’s a lot of what got us into this mess to begin with! We’re already reaping the consequences of a few decades of lazy, full-blinders-ahead voting; let’s not make this worse.

Within hours of Hillary Clinton snagging the Democratic Nomination disturbing drivel began cropping up about how her crimes, voting record, and general approach as a power-hungry 1%er should be overlooked.

She’s only human…

Nobody is perfect ….

Everyone makes mistakes…

Are you kidding me?!? 

Yes, Hillary Clinton is human, and yes, every imperfect one of us makes mistakes.

But Ms. Clinton’s choices were not mistakes. They were intentional breaches of ethics, and securing the privilege of her peers and financial backers over the needs of the American people.

It isn’t necessary to lie about that, even if I feel I have to vote for her!

She hasn’t earned my respect or trust, so why should I stand out in the heat whitewashing her record? Madness!

Yes, there are legitimate reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton.
But let’s be real:  The most compelling one is,

She’s not Donald Trump.

  • She’s reasonably less likely to drop us into a completely unnecessary war (or three),
  • far less likely to incite jihadists to attack the United States, and probably even has some deterrent effect,
  • she won’t actively work to destroy our climate,
  • and she can be fairly effectively bludgeoned into not shoving our best shot at decent quality health care and living wages off a cliff.
And that’s about it!  Her biggest asset is the Republican nominee, and we all know it


Along with the ‘Hillary is only human’ bilge, came the statements about Donald Trump being ‘the Christian option’.

Or ‘not meaning it the way it sounds’ when he says (numerous times, vulgarly, unrepentantly, over decades) that he claims the right to sexually use and harass women as he chooses.

Or that his lifelong history of privilege, lying, exploiting tax loopholes, and gaining the most profit possible for himself at the expense of his workers and the American people, has no bearing on his legitimacy as The Champion of the Common American.

Are you kidding me?

NOTHING about Donald Trump could possibly be considered representative of Christianity, and every literate Christian with a Bible knows that. And no logical person thinks Mr. Trump is going to champion our rights over his privilege.

So let’s be HONEST about it!

If you feel you must vote for Donald Trump, because

  • you believe that God is bound to the American Republican Party,
  • you genuinely believe legislation is the way to reduce abortion and trust Mr. Trump to keep his word once he’s got your vote,

or ‘He’s not Hillary Clinton.’


then SAY THAT!

Don’t make Mr. Trump something he isn’t, or ignore all the awful things he (proudly) is, just because you see no choice but to vote for him!

It’s okay to be honest about lesser evils.

Actually, for those of us who are Christians, it’s not only okay, it is Biblically required.

And perhaps as importantly, it’s the only strong position to take.

If we excuse away the very legitimate things we don’t like, or respect, or trust about these candidates, we risk forgetting what we find unacceptable, and just blindly supporting ‘My Candidate right or wrong‘ rather than holding them to account.

So we never get better options.

Alas, I may vote for Hillary Clinton next month.

But that doesn’t require my excusing her past, OR accepting it as ongoing behaviour!

If anything, it requires holding on to a crystal clear understanding of where she falls short, because I never again want to find myself in this voting situation, and that will take some hard work!

Be well. 

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