Monday delight: The Little Things


Happy Monday!

I have two glorious weeks off between the end of my job and the start of my writing contract!!!

Now, the stress has done curious things to my sleep schedule the couple weeks, so I admit that I MAY spend more of this time than I’d like catching up on rest so I don’t get sick. Sigh.

BUT what I HOPE to do, mostly, is enjoy the little things that aren’t as accessible when working full time.

Cooking a real breakfast instead of multitasking through my usual  toast, tea, and tofu without even noticing them. 

For that matter, drinking a whole cup of tea while it’s STILL hot, rather than tossing it in the microwave each time I remember its existence. 

Making the dreaded COSTCO run in the slow, peaceful middle of the week … in the middle of the day … with NO HURRY whatever.

Having enough time for the light easy reading-that-keeps-me-sane, AND other fun reading that I’ve been looking forward to, but that usually drowns in a sea of More Important Things. 

Workouts that aren’t crammed between … anything! 

Spending a whole delicious morning at the LIBRARY…

We are even supposed to have nice, cool, rainy weather for a tiny part of the time, so God willing, I’ll have a hike or two!

My tastes are pretty simple, and even rather boring, I freely admit, but I KNOW I’m not the only one who needs more time to enjoy the little things sometimes.

What are your ‘little things’?


This Monday, I wish you ALL the little things that bring you joy!


Be well.



Okay, this is, EMPHATICALLY, not a music Monday post, because my favourite ‘little things’ song is EMPHATICALLY not a peace inspiring tune of cheery encouragement.  (Unless, like me, you have quite a messed up perspective and relish less-than-kinder-gentler music!)

But how can I possibly ignore my beloved Danny Elfman on a blog dedicated to The Little Things? Especially when it’s SO MUCH FUN? Enjoy at your own risk! 😉

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